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I had my second colostomy April 26, 20. They screwed up the first one right when COVID was happening, so when I told them how much pain I was in, they asked me to wait before coming in. I waited nine days without releasing a drop of fluid - and told them I'd wait no longer. I would have gone sooner but I was so sick, so much vomiting and so distended and I was an hour and a half drive from the hospital and just couldn't bear the thought of that long trip. Fast forward...I was so sick during that second surgery that everything is a blur. I never received instructions or guidance as I was completely drugged up. So, My husband got the info and was changing my bag for the first 7 weeks. At first I couldn't bear to look at the ostomy - it gave me the heebie jeebies! But after awhile, I began to remove the bag and prepare everything for him to put the bag on. And FINALLY... before the second month,I took over doing my bags. I knew it would be a freedom - but it really had to come when I was ready. In other aspects of my life, I could be prone to pushing myself. THIS had to be my total truth!

So now I find I have so many questions - about how the bag is supposed to feel, what the skin looks like, am I doing it right, what about my dietary choices and on and on and on. I'd love to see folks functioning and to know what goes through their heads. Really looking to find my confidence on all levels. See what other folks do, think and feel. And learn ways to make this the best experience I can -since this is where I'm at.
Thank You!
Horus is my user name as well as my stoma name.

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