I have had an illeostomy since 1994. I had not been able to go & eliminate for 3 months. Dr's paid no ATTENTION to what I kept telling them. It was a nightmare. Finally a Dr actually HEARD me. The story ends by them telling me the LG. Intestine was ALL loopy. I KNOW I lost it DUE TO MY TAKING OPIADS. I had been on them for over 40 yrs. My last 1 was MORPHINE.
1 day my caregiver & MYSELF DECIDED they weren't HELPING. YOU see I have NERVE PAIN and NOTHING HELPS it. I have bern free of all OPIADS for 2yrs 10 months. Funny thing is this. My PAIN was the SAME.
Now with the illeostomy the NERVE PAIN has worsened. I can't sit, stand, or hardly walk. So I spend my days laying on the bed and have continued my art work. Listen to books (now legally blind). Write in my journal and watch tons of movies (HA HA HA). The COVID is still here and even though I have had 3 vaccine shots of MODERNA I keep away from people. BESIDES riding in the car makes pain worse.
I am it seems living in the bathroom emptying my pouch. It fills very FAST. If I drink it goes right through me. Even after a meal,yup back in bathroom.
I stay POSITIVE even when a pouch or wafer causes a MAJOR mess.
I love LIFE and people. Lots of people have walked away when I got ill with AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES. I have had numerous surgeries and THE ONLY 1to SUPPORT ME is my caregiver. FAMILY and friends just seemed to be too busy or didn't care. Friends LITERALLY walked away.
So you see I have QUITE a story & that's only 1 tidbit of my life.
If anyone WANTS to RESPOND please do.
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