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After trying to find a "cure" for my Ulcerative Colitis (diagnosed 2008), I had a permanent proctocolectomy with end ileostomy performed August 2017.

I am a member of the Reno, Nevada chapter of UOAA support group (ROA), and am its most recent Newsletter editor.

Having learned about through the ROA, I have read many heartening, heartbreaking and hopeful posts by other ostomates, and have joined this resilient group of people in the hopes of networking, learning, teaching - as we all have something to offer.

Like so many, I am working on self-love & -improvement. As an ostomate of over 3 years, I have fewer & fewer days where I feel I need to work on self-acceptance and -esteem, and coming to terms with my "new & improved" physiology and functions. Ultimately, I would like to meet a gentleman - either an ostomate or someone sympathetic to ostomate issues - for a respectful and loving long-term relationship.

First, some "housekeeping":
Politics - I'm an American, a registered Democrat, and an independent thinker. I vote on the issue presented, not the political organization who endorses it.
Religion - I walked away from organized religion when I was 17, and won't be going back. I do believe in a Higher Power, however.
Racism - It holds no place in my heart.
Alter Egos - Socially, I'm an introvert, so I respected and admired the totally wild, creative humor and energy of comedian Robin Williams, the uncontrolled temperament of the cartoon character The Tasmanian Devil (aka, "Taz"), and all of the same rolled into comedian Jeff Dunham's character, "Peanut".
Relationship Deal-Breakers - Men who: use tobacco products and/or vape...abuse alcohol and/or use illegal drugs...abuse other people or animals...are financially irresponsible...are emotionally unavailable.

Now, if all of this hasn't spooked you, read on... ; )

Told some ostomate friends about, and having had time to think a bit more about the kind of relationship I would like, I told them, "...I want a romance with my best friend." To that end, better than telling this to my friends is telling others on this site. : )

A career receptionist in the construction industry, I have a deep appreciation for mathematics, physics and the mysteries of the Universe. It's only been within the last 10 years or so that I have actually begun to embrace my inner geek. ; )

My interests include: cooking flavorful food, travel in general - and road trips with a great variety of music playing on the stereo, historic architecture, watching NHL hockey, good-natured philosophical/intellectual debates, wordplay & puns, comfortable silences, treasure hunting (Fenn's was found, darn it!), Maine Coon cats, stargazing away from city lights, reading, and figuring out what I want to be "when I grow up".

I would love to learn how to play on a set of drums; I have a cunga, and it's been a long time since I've sat in a drumming circle. And although we're currently living in an age of social distancing, I hope to meet a gentleman also interested in learning how to dance a country two-step, and who doesn't mind that I sometimes sing with the music - off-key. : )

Having a sense of (warped) humor, an open mind (but not so much that your brains fall out!) and a heart ready to love and be loved, are pluses.

And, I believe anything is possible with a willing heart. Be well~
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