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I’m not sure sure what to put here so I guess I will start with my story.

I got diagnosed with UC at the age of 51. Hospitalized for a month with no food for 28 days...discharged then a month later colonoscopy to discover UC and then blood transfusion. I tried really hard to live with severe Uc for the next 7 years. Tried every medication and couldn’t get it under control. Multiple bouts of hair loss, u able to gain weight and well generally just really sucked.

I then got diagnosed with lung cancer Jan 1/17 and had a right upper lobectomy. Then had another bowel obstruction Jan 2018 and required surgical intervention. June 2018 I had a proctocolectomy with permanent ileostomy. Within less than 24 hours after surgery I got a blockage which the surgeon attempted to clear with his finger in my stoma which caused a hernia and tearing half way around my stoma. Fun! Then had revision surgery done September 2018. Both surgeries I struggled to get through. Finally, healed and thrilled to no longer be on the constant lookout for a bathroom and no more pain...woohooo! However, I now have a forever pouch collecting my poop on the outside of me. I’m still having a hard time with accepting this is my new body. I’m guessing at some point this, I hope, will no longer bother me. I’m not there yet however.

I’ve finally got my health back to where I can work out again. I have been experiencing new issues though from this with dehydration which I can’t seem to get under control. Hoping someone on his site may offer some advice on this.

I have not dated since before diagnosis of lung cancer which further pulled me away from the idea of dating after getting my ileostomy. A friend told me about this site. I think it will help having people to talk to that can relate and has the same or similar issues.

I’m a very positive person and enjoy laughing firstly at myself but anything I find giggle worthy. I think life is far too short to dwell in the negative or be unhappy. I love to travel which obviously, due to Covid, has stopped the world from doing so at the moment. Would enjoy speaking to like minded people especially that live closer but that being said, a friend who is a distance away can still be a friend. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for reading.
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