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Have had an ostomy for most of my life...over 50 years. It really didn’t alter me; I still swam and dove competively. Dating? Had to “judge” guys whether they could accept me as I was. Told three men. Two accepted my ileostomy, but not the 3rd. It hurt. BHe later wanted us to be together, but I had moved on. And that was when I had a traditional ileostomy with outside appliance! In those days, bags were of heavy rubber and not disposable, and had to wear a belt to secure the appliance.
Had another surgery to convert to a Koch pouch. This surgery is not done very often today. it was replaced by the J pouch. I use a catheter to empty my internal pouch. My stoma is flush with my skin and looks like a small navel. I do get “pouchitis” once in awhile. Take an antibiotic to clear the inflammation.
I volunteer at a senior dog rescue with up 100 pups. Also, help the resident pig, Marvin.
I’m very affectionate and a “hugger.” I’m cheerful and happy. I’m told that I’m fun and funny. ;-) Although, I’m a 6th generation Californian, I’m not married to CA. So would live anywhere if in a close relationship. But first, I’m seeking friends and travel buddies.
I’m financially secure; don’t need to be supported in that regard. He’d be self-sufficient too. Cuddling, holding hands....just being touched in a loving way is so welcomed by this girl. Think we were created to be touched and loved.
My guy is well-groomed and enjoys the simple aspects of life and his family. He is kind and loves his garden. We would enjoy being around water.
San Luis Obispo is on the Central Coast halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
It’s not what I’m doing but with whom I’m doing it. Be fun just a quiet day/night at home. Inviting friends over dinner would be fun also.
I’ll be posting new photos ASAP. Today is 5/12/‘21.
Thanks for reading my profile; hope to hear from you.
Sharon 🌷

System won’t allow to post photos right side up. ;-(
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