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I was hit by a car in 2016 and it left me with a permanent colostomy. I feel like only other ostomate truly understand what it's like to live with one. I've been trying to live a normal life since. Would love to meet other people my age that have an ostomy. I'm a very friendly and adventurous person. I live in Maine and Florida. If you want to talk or get to know me add me of Facebook (Franke Dakota Shaw) or Snapchat (Frankeshaw)
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f, 49
I have had my ileostomy since 2012 after years of ulcerative coli...
British Columbia, Canada
m, 56
Hi I had had emergency surgery for a perforated Sigmoid and ended u...
New Zealand
m, 60
Crohn's disease 37 years. End colostomy 3/22. Jazz musician US Nav...
Oklahoma, United States
f, 53
Not looking for a relationship or anything, Im just here to support...
Connecticut, United States
f, 66
I've been an ostomate for 10 years, do very well, recently retired,...
New York, United States