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2018: surprise! gross hematuria, invasive video spelunking, stage-three bladder cancer diagnosis, a few rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and.... a good outcome.

2019: my bouncing baby stoma was born! Upon being introduced to it for the first time my ex literally passed out, then permanently exited stage left. That ruined my plans of giving it a gender-reveal party (a little ostomy humor there).

I am a positive-attitude kind of guy. Grateful to have my kids, family, meaningful employment, and generally to be above ground. Miles to go before I sleep! Enjoy the arts, all things in nature and outdoor activities. Love to go adventuring.

After reading some of the heart-wrenching profiles on this website I realized how lucky I am. With the skill of some great doctors, I beat cancer. Sure, it’s a total nuisance to now have this sticky bun attached to me, but what are you going to do? Can’t let it beat you. If you’re not living, you’re dying.

I’m naming my stoma “Clyde”. Wondering if there are any “Bonnies” out there up for a little chat and/or adventure?
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