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About me.. I'm a musician n multi-media artist from Austin, TX. I have a wonderful husband who plays n creates with me n the greatest dog in universe, Jasper.

I also have a host of congenital defects or abnormalities. I've had Dystonia all my life. When adulthood struck, I had to have teratomas removed from my ovaries. One had hair n one had teeth. Both about 5-6 cms. Then the revision surgery after that. Once that surgery happened, my neurologist recommended we do a full body MRI n they found a tethered spinal this condition is usually surgically fixed way earlier in now, it had ravaged my pelvis with nerve damage, affecting my bladder and bowel, rendering my bowel quite useless after the detethering surgery.

I have a loop ileostomy for about a year to see if bypassing the unworkable bowel would alleviate my ill GI symptoms. So far, so good! If that is the case after this trial is over, I'm up for the colectomy. The one where they attach the small intestine to the lower bowel.
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