My motto: Circumstances change, character does not.

Mu ileostomy surgery happened in November 2021 because of UC that became cancerous. Like everyone new to this lifestyle, I've had ups and downs but it's mostly good now. I mean, I'm alive and cancer free.

In the meantime, I remain single, sane and solvent. I have my own teeth and hair, what's left of it. And guaranteed I'll make you laugh or your money back. Life is short and we all need happiness and connection.

I'm also retired. I live in Montana, and I'm a regular visitor in the winter to Arizona, where I have a large extended family (dozens of cousins). I'm talking about exploring the mountains and deserts of southern Arizona. No sitting by a pool or golfing or pickleball. There's too much to do bird watching, hiking, occasional trips to Mexico. Or just taking off on a whim to go no where in particular.

It would be nice to have a partner who is smart, funny, liberal and above all understands this journey. A margarita in the sun would be a bonus.
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