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Hi My name is Debbie.
I have a ileostomy now!, I also had A Colostomy bag 20 years ago which was dropped back in after a year.
I had several blockages and short stays in hospital after the colostomy for years. And was always put on a Naso gastric tube until blockages thankfully cleared ..But sadly was rushed in on 22nd November last year 2020.. had the Naso tubes in and they saw the blockage .Me hopefully believing that would resolve and be ok !? Sadly not to be was rushed to theatre 1st December 9 hour op ICU for a week then ward for further 4 weeks . I cannot get used to bag at all think I'm depressed if I am honest 😭 as I have been told by a expert that they think my surgeons who are phoning me in August .won't be able to drop.this back in because of all blockages I've had in past and extensive surgery so I'm sitting worrying now! & Seriously wondering do I actually want this dropping back in!? God knows what I want so I've turned here for bit of support really hope everyone is well hugs Deb's x
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