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Colostomy 12/24/2020....reversed 4/6/2021.
Ileostomy 4/19/2021 to present. Waiting on reversal. 10/14/2021 Okay, so maybe no reversal after all. Officially diagnosed with Crohns Disease today. Sigh.

Donna here representing double barrel stoma life!

Hello! My ostomy adventure started on Christmas Eve of 2020 when I called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I had been experiencing abdominal pain for two weeks prior and around 7:00 a.m. the pain became unbearable. The CT scan showed that my bowel had perforated and not long after the scan, things started going south really fast so they rushed me into surgery. I was septic and it was touch and go for a while. But, I survived and became an ostomate. My reversal surgery for the colostomy was April 6th and things seemed to be going okay until I was in agonizing pain again on April 11th. Back to the ER I went. My appendix had burst so off to surgery again. A few days later, while still in the hospital, I began pooping huge amounts of blood. That CT scan showed that the connection site from the reversal had ulcerated. It also showed holes surrounded by necrotic tissue on the right side of my colon so more surgery and an ileostomy. After spending 30 days in the hospital, I came home to continue healing. In the weeks after coming home, I was hospitalized 2 more times for dehydration. After 8 months of being on medical leave, I returned to work as a restaurant hostess/jack of all restaurant trades part time. It seriously kicks my ass on the days that I do work. Luckily I have not sprung a leak at work yet but I'm totally prepared with extra supplies and changes of clothes in case it does.

For me, the hardest part of dealing with my ileostomy is the skin irritation around my stoma. It feels like my skin is on fire 24/7. The adhesive around my stoma lifts and the poop pools. Crusting has only helped minimally. I have samples of convex bags coming and hopefully that will help with the issues.

Please drop me a line!
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