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I have had my ileostomy for 21 years now, I use Convectex products, and have had very little problems with them. The only problem I really have is a bad irritation below the wafer behind the bag in the summer when I sweat. At times, it will get under the adhesive bandage at the bottom also. This just started happening this past summer. I had leaking problems until my home health care lady started visiting about 2 months after my surgery. She got me an appointment with an ostomy nurse, and she got me to use sport wafers, and showed me how to use Eakins Ring first then the paste. I cut the ring in half, roll it into a rope then make a ring and place it around the stoma hole, press it down a bit, and add a ring of the paste around the Eakins ring, and apply wafer and work it, so it will make a good seal. I think it is very important to see an Ostomy nurse as soon as possible after surgery.
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