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I am married and became an Ostomate Feb 21, 2017....total bowel removal ....I was stage 3 cancer ♋
I am now a dialysis patient as well but still going strong '
Just looking to chat with anyone similar with tips n suggestions on how to navigate thru this crazy 🤪 life 😍
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f, 49
Hi. I am a two time Cancer survivor. I had Ductal Carcinoma stage...
Ontario, Canada
m, 64
Getting the hang of this whole deal, I think. My sense of humor wa...
Washington, United States
m, 56
Hi there. I've had Crohn's for about 12 years now. Got an illeosto...
Massachusetts, United States
m, 37
I have an ileostomy that I am having a hard time keeping it from l...
Maryland, United States
f, 60
Hello, I have a temporary colostomy through fall of 2022 (I hope). ...
Pennsylvania, United States