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most of my spare time involves studying for my BA Honours degree in English lang/lit, I work as a teaching assistant in a busy high school. I was married to my second husband when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and I left three years ago, due to his abusive behaviour, which reduced me to severe anorexia and a major flare up. I had a Colostomy in 2008, and then had the remaining colon removed February 2012, so now have an Ileostomy. I have two grown-up sons, 24 and 20 I am fairly quiet, but I can be outgoing once I am used to someone, and have a good sense of humour. I still have problems with the Crohn's which causes havoc with my joints particularly, and cannot eat most vegetables,fruit or dairy, so my diet is pretty boring, plus I have epilepsy, but for the most part have accepted things. Having the Ileostomy makes me feel more feminine than the Colostomy, and it's now called 'Henrietta' instead of 'Henry'! I make jokes that I'm like Tesco, with a 'bag for life', and have drawn faces on the bag!
I had my rectum removed last week as it was completely broken down with the Crohn's, so am suffering with extreme soreness.
I am getting married in April to my best friend of 9 years.

I'm looking for a friend with someone who I can talk to and share similar experiences, male and females aged between 45 and 60. My hobbies include studying and reading literature,cooking,gardening.