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I got a temporary colostomy in 2019 and then a permanant one in 2020. The issue was caused by a hyperglycemic coma. Turns out I'm a type 1 diabetic. Surprise, surprise. From what I understand, my body was busy shutting down when I was found. Body temp was 82, glucose was 1500 and resperations were about 5. This caused damage to pretty much all of the abdominal organs. The gall bladder, a couple chunks of small intestine and about 40% of the colon were eventually removed.

This all started just before my 61st b-day, so it's actually a good story. I got to live 61 years in perfect health. Unlike most t1 diabetics who are diagnosed as adolescents or teens. Some as young as 2 years old. Or like many here who contracted other diseases early in life. So I say yay for the health gods who allowed me all those extra years.
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