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About me;
I am a sincere & loyal man,I am down to earth,honest,optimistic,affectionate,romantic,open minded,intelligent,smart,hard working,loving & caring.
I enjoy my motorbike & mountain bike riding through the woods at weekends,swimming,cinema,pubs/clubs,watching DVDs & films with a bottle of wine & good company. I like to read novels, dining out, coffee & conversation,sight seeing in my motorhome, walking,camping,live bands, music & dance.
I would like to meet a woman who is down to earth,easy going,honest,loving & caring for an unconditional easy going friendship/relationship??
I am motivated,open,confident & responsible. I love to laugh & laugh at myself quite easily! I love my life & share it openly with friends & family.I am a good listener & friend.My friends & family are incredibly important to me & keep me grounded.
I strive for a healthy & balanced life, I enjoy my alone time, I enjoy dressing up & dressing down, fine food & dive bars,sunny beaches & snowy mountains,great conversation & laughing until it hurts.
I am adventurous & open to new experiences, I am creative,polite,show my appreciation & love putting my energies into causes I strongly believe in.
I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in September 2018 had neoadjuvant therapy where they fit the colostomy bag first then a few moths later gave me radiation & chemo orally for 1 month but instead of shrinking the tumour it advanced locally so had to be referred to a London hospital for radical surgery called total pelvic exerneration & led to 2 weeks in an induced coma & 6 more rehab & come home with 2 man bags!

Go well & stay well,
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