2 bags but one life so keep living it!

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in September 2018 had neoadjuvant therapy where they fit the colostomy bag first then a few moths later gave me radiation & chemo orally for 1 month but instead of shrinking the tumour it advanced locally so had to be referred to a London hospital for radical surgery called total pelvic exerneration & led to 3 weeks in an induced coma & 6 more rehab & come home with 2 man bags in a wheelchair!
It took me months to get back upright & walking due to nerve damage.
4 years on now & back to a new near normal life doing pretty much what I was doing Pre op except running!
I bought myself a motorhome & living life as it comes day by day but with hope of seeing the next destination unknown on my travels???
Go well & stay well,
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