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Audrey Warren

Just had a colostomy Nov. 8, 2021. Am a retired high school/ college English teacher. Widowed twice. Very liberal politics.

Detroit,Michigan resident.
Elected to have colostomy after suffering 5 years with severe case of IBS-C.
Had many questions and concerns . Have joined a support group in Macomb County and find it helpful.
Just discovered this group serendipitously.
I'm inspired and humbled from reading numerous accounts of what so many people have suffered and how many have learned to live rewarding lives with a bag. I empathize w the many who are not doing well and still suffering.
My experience, though not nearly as serious or complicated, was life changing. I've yet to travel but know that I can and will handle whatever happens w a sense of, it is what it is.
My friends and family are very supportive, having seen me depressed and hurting. "Stella" is indeed a part of me. I like her.
I just thought of a new title: WE ALL HAVE 🧳 BAGGAGE ! 😳

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