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Radical Cystectomy 2011, large hernia, chronic e UTIs last 1.3 years.

Can I connect with others
becoming antibiotic resistant
Getting rid of biofilm
Rude, disrespectful and worthless Infectious Disease and Urologists.

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f, 60
Ulcerative Colitis Survivor since 1977. My Ileostomy was converted...
Florida, United States
f, 61
I have a ileostomy. Just to meet people with the same thing.
Maryland, United States
f, 65
Looking for Support
Illinois, United States
m, 27
Well so here it goes! I'm going to be honest I've got friends, but ...
United Kingdom
m, 52
I have an ileostomy. I'm a year into this and looking for tips, ...
Kentucky, United States