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I have an illeostomy that was forced on me by my GI surgeon after my GI doc pretty much gave up on my treatment and both refused to listened to what I was telling them about my 25 years of prior treatments and once in the hospital with a patient from the same office partnership group I realized they had a standardized Crohn's playbookbook they went by and never had any intention of listening to me. I learned this 3 days after my ostomy and now on the 4th day with zero improvement the surgeon finally admitted that the disease had beaten him this time and he left the room as quickly as possible. I did text my GI doc and let him know how ridiculous this all was and that as I told him on our first visit these were ongoing problems but were managed well by a small office in a small town in Washington state of about 50k with surgery happening in a city of roughly 200K. Over 25 years this happened, roughly 30 surgeries, moved to largest city in Massachusetts and without my input on my care after less than a dozen office visits I'm the owner of an ostomy bag and a shocked surgeon and doctor. I told them why and now both seem afraid to talk with me. I never got the feeling of talking to a politician in Washington, and haven't once felt like I was talking to an actual doctor in Massachusetts. I expect to be able to blow off steam here and not get pep talks from People who don't have an ostomy. Also would love to find the love of my life that would be a bonus. May be difficult to do since two years of these doctors mistakes have left me near destitute but I still have a career, house and car. Once healthy enough to work I'll get over the money part pretty quickly.
I know I sound monumentally angry at the moment but I also have a ton of compassion and am loyal almost to a fault. I know that was all a bit much but if you made it this far please give me a chance! Also this may seem unduly harsh to some of you but don't EVER bring up the lord to me, in my opinion that is worse than politics and always seems to work out about the same, no one spirit or human is the cause or cure for all the suffering in this world of ours and i'm not at all afraid of meeting my maker in the afterlife. If it gives you some comfort I certainly applaud you but all I've seen and read over the course of my life is suffering because of different “gods” and politicians and zero has changed, there is still undue suffering and fighting by people who proclaim to live the words of an unverified book yet do exactly the opposite and look down upon others if their god isn't the one you back.I have no problem with any gods it's their followers I have issues with.
Jesus is Santa Claus for adults
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