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elli bean

I'm engaged to my good buddy and I'm pregnant with our first baby (first for both of us that is, we're young'uns), due mid August. In April 2010 I had a transverse loop colostomy done because of perforations, a large abscess and persistent pseudoobstruction. I healed well but the pre surgery period was complicated. I still have my colon, and I'm expected to be eligible for reversal. If I'm not then I've decided I'd like my colostomy to be revised to a descending or sigmoid type. I'm staying with my parents in Winnipeg right now while my fiance is living in northern Alberta, had to come here to get help for rapidly failing health. Really good to get to spend the time with my family, but still it's tough and I miss my man.

Specifically regarding education, I missed high school due to my health (or lack thereof), I plan to get my GED and a driver's license. Not yet because medical treatment and the new baby will be enough on my plate for now. Regarding my race, well, guess I'm a Heinz 57 and that's why I hate the race checkbox on forms, but I'm mostly white, then Native American, with some southeast Asian and Pacific islander background as well. And yet somehow I manage to be a little bit racist. Just a little. What a complex.

Just looking for friends, people to share experiences with. I'm absolutely not religious and I have little patience for dogmatic or reverent philosophies of life. I'm into reserving judgment, getting all the facts, critical thinking, offering help when it is needed and deserved, and practicing apathy where it really counts (learning to choose my battles and have patience when it would be beneficial). I greatly enjoy being around creatures of many sorts, although dogs are a notable exception. I love that which is colourful both literally and figuratively, and I love to keep busy, though it is very difficult with chronic fatigue and no driver's license. People describe me as (or call me to my face) eccentric and vehement but you probably wouldn't know it the first time you meet me. I like creative, unique people who are not overly sensitive and who can get lost in a thought.
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