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Completely out of the blue I had emergency surgery for abdominal pain the first week of February 2022. After an ineffective laparoscopic exploratory procedure they made a large abdominal incision and found a perforated colon. I received a temporary colostomy.
A few days after the surgery I had an abdominal abscess that had to be drained over the next few weeks. I was in the hospital 10 days. The surgeon still says I may never know why the colon perforated, which leaves me baffled.

Originally I had decided to keep the colostomy permanently. In May (after a couple of awful weeks of pouch eruptions and needing to change my bag up to 3 times daily) I was considering reversal first week of July. For unrelated circumstances that July surgery had to be postponed. Now I am back to considering electing to keep the colostomy permanently. I am cleared for reversal surgery later this year at no additional cost since I met my insurance deductible with the initial emergency surgery in February! That no cost option goes away Jan.1 of next year.

So I am currently confused as to whether to have the reversal or not. Lately I have not had any distressing pouch problems and am appreciating the positives of life with a colostomy. I am currently postponing making the "to reverse or not to reverse" decision for the next few months.

I have been reading this forum for awhile and have learned a great deal already. Thank you immensely for sharing....

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