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Completely out of the blue I had emergency surgery for abdominal pain the first week of February 2022. After an ineffective laparoscopic exploratory procedure they made a large abdominal incision and found a perforated colon. I received a temporary colostomy.
A few days after the surgery I had an abdominal abscess that had to be drained over the next few weeks. I was in the hospital 10 days. The surgeon still says I may never know why the colon perforated, which leaves me baffled.

I have been reading this forum for awhile and have learned a great deal already. Thank you immensely for sharing....

Update: End colostomy reversed 11/17/22 - so far so good -MUCH less painful recovery than the original horrific Hartmann's Procedure recovery in February. An incisional hernia that had developed above the original ventral abdominal incision for my colostomy was also sutured and closed up during this recent reversal surgery. I'll be happy to share about my reversal recovery experience as it unfolds if anyone is considering a reversal and wondering what it might be like post surgery. I'm really hoping this is all gonna work out fine.
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