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I had a sudden (completely out of the blue) emergency surgery
for a perforated colon at the beginning of February
this year. I received a temporary colostomy via a large abdominal incision following an ineffective laparoscopic exploratory procedure.
A few days after the surgery I had an abdominal abscess that had to be drained over the new few weeks. I was in the hospital 10 days.

It is the middle of May (three months out from leaving the hospital) and I have just now decided to have a reversal surgery in a couple of months.
Originally I had decided to keep the colostomy permanently because I was terrified of reliving the pain of the last surgery and recovery ordeal. After struggling with the challenges, surprises and frustration of using the ostomy appliance I changed my mind recently and began considering reversal.

I have been reading this forum online for a couple of weeks and have learned a great deal already. I hope to gather more pearls of wisdom and to eventually be able to share any experiences or helpful knowledge
that I glean from this whole process of abdominal
surgery, recovery, reversal surgery and recovery with other on this forum users.

I thank you immensely for creating this forum!