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I'm a 52 yo construction contractor, Avid Harley rider, and love fishing and hunting. I've been married for 31 yrs. Lucille has been my rock through all this. I had a botched Hartman's procedure on Feb 12th. That surgeon hooked my intestine incorrectly. Mine is an innie that keeps closing up. I have had continued severe complications since then. After 10 days of worsening, we relocated to a better hospital and a new specialist in colon and rectal surgery. 65 days in hospital over 3 months from severe fistulas. Still have one that wont heal. The Doc wants to do a corrective surgery but needs my intestines to heal some b4 he can get inside me. He says my intestines are friable. The pain is severe every day. No pain meds, soft GI diet, miralax 3-4 × a day, and its been 4 months. So mentally draining. Hoping for some more positive feedback and help dealing with this.
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I have an ileostomy and having my colon removed in a couple weeks.
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