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Mabsie Moll

Hi I have just recently had surgery and I now have a fistula and a stoma/ileostomy (I call them Milly and Molly respectively!!) Mine are temporary and will be reversed in a few months(all going well). However, I have loads of questions some of which have been answered here. I'm still in pain at times -3 major surgeries consecutively over the last few weeks- and have the few tears some days🙄 But I'm getting stronger each day. Thanks for reading. Mabsie Moll🙋🏼‍♀️
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Following a recent operation to remove a tumour I have an ileostomy...
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I've had a urostomy going on 9 years. Truly blessed to have it.
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Hello a bit about me..... I've had an ileostomy for about 8yrs now,...
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Iliostomy Wisdom eating,diet Site care Bag understanding...
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