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I'd like to meet someone that I can share and ask things about day to today life with a colostomy. Some one that's not freaked out when they hear a fart blowing from the belly. Some folks have made several comments about my vege's I did garden quite a bit but its gotten more difficult. I had hereditary diverticulitis for many years. Awful days months years diapers YUK then just as Covid hit in April 2020 the ole colon blew captain. The doc the saw me in the small town ER was a Air Force surgeon on loan from Warner Robins. He had served several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and k
new just in 30 seconds my colon had ruptured. Thanks to him I am alive. Well 4 1/2 months septic weeks intubated in the hospital 3 surgeries gutted like a TUNA I am still around. I have to say this the bag is way better than suffering for years with all the issues related to diverticulitis. Anyone else have vitamin nutrient absorption? Potassium bottoming out?
Any hoot I am a very calm outgoing person. No red flags!! Maybe a couple brown ones but no RED!

BTW way I have a 9 YO Son, I was married for 12 years divorced now for 7. I have been flying solo since then with no partner. I do get along with his mom pretty good. The animosity has past a while ago. So, I do not gripe winge or complain much,,,... except for who is occupying the White House now and how are country is in decline.

I am reluctant to show my pictures because 99% of them are with my son. Maybe if someone is really interested I will share. Anyone else like to boat fish camp ride JetSki I am not a glamper tend to rough if a little more at the Ritz Carlton in most cities.
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