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I had to have a temporary (hopefully) colostomy after severe diverticulitis and an abscess in my largeintestine last month. I've been hospitalized 2 since for severe vomiting and diarrhea. Hopefully the meds I am now are helping. Has anyone had a reversal and did you have any issues….as in long term? I am so angry all the time since surgery and more so after the 2 times afterward. Is this anger normal? I feel like all I do is cry and complain. I know complaining doesn't change one thing. I just feel like just as I'm getting three steps up on the ladder I fall back down and it's so disheartening. I would like to go on vacation after this reconnect surgery but I am worried about traveling in the fear of having accidents. Also my favorite fruit in the whole wide world it's cherries no I don't need to see it I spit those out but are cherries bad for somebody who has a colostomy? Any advice would be greatly appreciate it!
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