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Getting the hang of this whole deal, I think. My sense of humor was absent for a long time but it's been roaring back lately.
I've spent a lot of time on auto racing and car related forums so I thought (finally!) to check out forums devoted to our lifestyle.
Stage 4 rectal cancer, successfully (so far) removed, perineal resection along with descending colon resection. Ostomate since November 2021.
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f, 67
I have a urostomy for r the past 3 years. I am managing really wel...
f, 56
I have a permanent colostomy & barbie butt,also double mastecomy I...
Pennsylvania, United States
f, 54
I have had my ileostomy since 2001, after dealing with Crohn's Dis...
South Carolina, United States
f, 52
Colostomy, surgery 8-30-22
Texas, United States
f, 73
Op done in Feb 2022. No real problems, but would appreciate lear...
New Zealand