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Erm: Hey folks, nice to meet you all so to speak.
I've recently had an Ileostomy, I have a problem baby as when I almost get rid of one issue, another one occurs.
I've had very minimal medical support in hospital & out.
Nobody has told me what surgery I've had, it defo wasn't the surgery discussed with what should've been my surgeon. I didn't know until I was wheeled to surgery, but it turns out he wasn't in that day. It's only my body so why won't they tell me what has been done?!
Despite trying, I've only seen one medical person since I was discharged in July.
I've learnt most of what I know from watching YouTube videos.
I don't like to moan but I need some help here & there. I haven't been treated too well by a lot of specialists so far, especially after waiting since 2011 & then changing their minds as it could be too dangerous. They then did a 360° decision in 03/2019 as it'd possibly be the only option to save my life. No rush though, you take your time waiting 4 years!
I hope some of you will talk to me & perhaps offer some wise words of wisdom.
I'll apologise ahead of time, I can tend to write chapter & verse. If I go on too long, please feel free to tell me do narrow to the basics. Thanks!
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