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Happy to report I am a proud owner of my very own life saving Colostomy Stoma and as my two sons lovingly said to me straight after Surgery,(one of which is a 12 year served Royal Marine and received this accolade on his passing out). Dad, you've just joined one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, it hasn't been easy and there'll be some hard work ahead but you will get through alright and the stoma is like a Badge 'cos you'll have it for life. So here I am, happily married and six weeks into this newly developing, born again, bum cleaning life style that I thought would eventually be a carers pleasure. I would like to think that I could learn and be better educated by the good people of this site and possibly be of help in return some time. It seems clear though that any good or not so good issues on this subject, ever thought of, will already have been aired or even solved by this and other less popular sites available.
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