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My stupid butt had heartburn & took milk of magnesia before I thought. I've already had been struggling with major leg cramps. I need any feedback that you can offer to me.. I don't know if I should be more scared of processing the medicine or the devil in my legs
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f, 79
Ovarian cancer on the sigmoid colon led to a colostomy with loop so...
California, United States
f, 46
Permanent ileostomy for 3 1/2 year, from crohns
Washington, United States
f, 40
Crohn's Warrior with Ileostomy surgery coming up in march. Don't ha...
Michigan, United States
f, 56
Hi my name is Wendy I have had 2 ostomy surgery's in the last 11 mo...
Ohio, United States
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Hello, I had an emergency ileostomy surgery in 2019 due to an inte...
Idaho, United States