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Been a ROUGH road, to say the least!!
After being misdiagnosed for some time, numerous doctors, trips to the hospital, thought I was going to have to change my address and start having my mail sent to the hospital; I spent so much time there!!!
I was finally diagnosed with Crohn's disease…A severe case I was told by a few gastroenterologists!! I really wasn't wanting to part with any of my body parts, so I was opting for the j-pouch surgery.
While waiting to finally have the surgery when things got outta hand….I was leaking body fluids,sometimes blood!!
Actually to the point where I became severely anemic !!!
I was going south (FAST)I was really dehydrated, lost about all the body weight I possible could!! I ended up suffering from a heart attack, a stroke, and i Actually ended up coding (flatlining)
at one point !!
I couldn't and still can't believe the path my life had and has taken!!
I actually had to have my left lung removed due to P.E.'s(blood clots)
I finally ended up having to do the total colectomy done, an emergency situation!!
This all too place between ‘18 and 20'….
Still struggling mentally and physically, day by day is how I am taking it!!
Hope everyone wakes up with a smile!! ONE ☝️ LOVE
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