Hello, I'm Dave and I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in 2004. My total colectomy with ileostomy was performed in January 2005. Good or bad, I've learned after an eighteen year hiatus from dating that I will never feel comfortable trying to navigate my way through the traditional dating landscape. On the other hand, it often feels like I'm the only ostomate in Maine.

We are a beautiful and unique group of people, with the majority of our disagreements being centered around whether wearing a one-piece is better than wearing a two-piece appliance (I'm a set-in-stone "one-piecer" through and through)!
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I had my permanent colostomy surgery on 25/11/22. I am looking for ...
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Hey I'm jessi! I am looking for friends who have ostomys, just like...
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A stoma. Had for 11 months. Information. Sharing problems
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