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I had an emergency ileostomy surgery in 2019 due to an intestinal blockage. Soon after I lost my mom so it's been very rough these past 3 years. I've isolated myself alot over this past year dealing with so much. I'm hoping to get some insight on struggles I've been having over this past year (health issues) and I hate this bag (it's brought me nothing but trouble)! I've seen over a dozen doctors within the past few years for pain issues and it's been miserable..
I don't have a colon (1st surgery in 2002 when I was 15 years old) due to polyps (I have the worst form of Gardner's Syndrome). I have a loop ileostomy so still have issues with my back end (pressure in my jpouch). I don't know if I'll have a reversal because they said I have ALOT of scar tissue from all my abdominal surgeries. I've been in pain for over 2 years now 😖
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