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I will have an RC this December. I am very active. I enjoy bicycling, hiking, canoeing, and camping. I also play racquetball. At my age it is mostly doubles. There is some body contact, usually light. But, there is always a chance of getting hit by a racquet or a ball traveling at high speed.
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m, 24
24 yrs old. Nashville, TN. Working in medical, specializing in osto...
Tennessee, United States
m, 68
I have a 2 piece ostomy. Had my surgery April 12, 2021. Am still w...
Wisconsin, United States
m, 49
Athletic instructor
Arizona, United States
m, 58
Recent ostomy due to colon cancer. New to this. Trying to learn h...
California, United States
m, 73
My husband has an ostomy and I am looking for ideas to help him cope.
Oregon, United States