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I have had Ileostomy for less than a year following ulcerative colitis and removal of my colon. I amhoping to learn more about life with an Ileostomy. I also have a large hernia after my surgery that I'll need to deal with.
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m, 55
New ileostomy. Had bowel cancer. Long hospital stay. On going issues
United Kingdom
f, 53
I'm now in my 28th Ileo year and have just got on with it, it's bee...
United Kingdom
f, 54
I have Crohn's Disease with an ostomy. I had had a ileostomy since...
Pennsylvania, United States
m, 26
Hi there y'all…I believe I have an ileostomy (don't even know wha...
Delaware, United States
m, 53
I just had a colostomy and it is permanent. Have to use ostomy bag ...