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Hi I'm interested in a relationship long-term I do believe any long-term relationship begins with a legitimate and deep friendship this all begins with a meet and greet for a cup of coffee or a meal whatever you feel comfortable with. I plan to travel this summer in my motorhome I plan to see the Rocky mountains the Dead Presidents and just plain have good time I want a companion it's been hard because when people find out my condition they're really not interested so I found this out of the blue when I was looking for information and if you'd like to get to know me more please get in contact with me
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I have a loop ileostomy. Looking for support, friends.
Michigan, United States
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Just looking for practical guidance and suggestions from people goi...
Florida, United States
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Looking for Support
United Kingdom
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Ileostomy since the late 1980's and still learning new tricks, for FAP
United Kingdom
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I have an ileostomy and I hope to meet people that can offer some ...
Ontario, Canada