Hello all! In July of 2022 I became very sick. I went to the doctor and they gave me a prescription for "food poisoning", but after 24 hours things only got worse. I went to the ER at the behest of my wife. When I gave a urine sample it looked like bloody mud. After sitting in the waiting room for about 2 hours my wife beeged and pleaded for them to get me back. All they said was it would be about a 10 hour wait. Then the fun started. I started to hallucinate and was yelling and talking to things that weren't there and started taking bites out of the air as if eating. Thank God my wife took me out of there and to a different ER where they listened. The ride there was met with more hallucinations as I was yelling at the "Chinese people" in the back seat to be quiet and asking why there were large Swedish women with there breasts out all over the road. When we arrived at the ER I was taken in on a gurney as I had totally lost my mind and didn't know what was going on. Things get a little fuzzy from there but I remember being put into an ambulance almost immediately and taken to yet a different ER where I was rushed into surgery. When I woke up I didn't know where I was, not had a huge cut up my abdomen and a bag hanging off of my left side. All I could do was silently cry. I dont know if it was the septic shock, the trauma of it all or what but I passed back out. That was 6 months ago. I'm now ready to be reattached but I'm terrified. That's my story. Other than that I'm a Cop, Father, Husband and outdoors enthusiast.
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