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I originally had a ileostomy done in 1976. It was changed to a continent ileostomy (Kock pouch) in 1978. Had a revision done in 1989 due to a hernia. It was never right after the revision and I had leakage problems and difficulty getting the catheter in over time. Last year in December of 2022 the Kock pouch was removed and I now have an ileostomy again. I actually feel better than I have in years and have tons of energy now. I've lost 25 pounds since I had the surgery. I was 175 pounds and now 150. I have a huge appetite now, can eat anything but just stay at 150 pounds. It has been almost 3 months since surgery. Am I not gaining weight because of the loss of approximately 20 inches of ileum? Would love to discuss this with anyone else out there that is in the same situation and making friends would be good too.
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