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Have had Crohn's disease for over 30 years. So many surgeries and illness from the disease but I'm still here! Permanent colostomy two years sgo. Recently survived a hole in colon caused by hernia mesh resulting in sepsis and temporary illeostomy while colon heals. It's a tough, lonely journey without understanding people around you. But all of us are survivors and warriors so we keep pushing on.
Hoping to connect with people who understand what it is like
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Ulcerative Colitis Survivor since 1977. My Ileostomy was converted...
Florida, United States
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Hola! I have an ileastomy since July 2022 due to severe ulcerative ...
Florida, United States
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Artist in cacoon-mode due to unforseen life circumstances. Survivor...
North Carolina, United States
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I have an Olieostomy
Michigan, United States
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I have a colostomy due to having ulcerative colitis. I would like ...
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