Had reoccurring diverticulitis for a month. Highest WBC was 19k no fevers or vomiting, just servre pain in lower left abdomen when I ate and bad diarrhea. First time I dealt with it for 4 days thinking I had food poisoning and wife made me go to ER when I passed out from pain. Had to go to er and be admitted to hospital 3 times. On third time I was recommended emergency surgery cause CT scan appeared I perforated but had walled it off. Cleaned colon that night and had colon resection with illostomy on Feb. 24th 2023 while I'm active infection. Also, received a JP drain on left side. I coded during surgery due to blood loss and was put in ICU but didn't receive pain meds for the next 12 hours due to low blood pressure. I received 2 units of blood. Stayed in hospital for about a week. Went home in extreme pain, but hospital didn't manage pain well so I figured I could hurt at home just as well. Surgeon only prescribed me 30 percs 7.5 and nothing after, said it's supposed to hurt and he didn't feel comfortable prescribing me any more afterwards. And hurt it did for the next month. The trouble I had with my bag for the next month and a half and then wasn't able to get it to stick. Was glueing it directly to skin. Visited one ER where they used a solution consistent of 79% rubbing alcohol and absolutely pained me. Still didn't stick. Went to another ER where one ostomy nurses couldn't get it to stick and called a team down. They got it to stick for 9 hours, but was then taught them crusting method, which was unknown to me before. Ordered skin barrier but didn't view product details too good and it had rubbing alcohol in it and was an absolute pain to change bag until I healed. Realized why and order more that was better. Now I can use the rubbing alcohol one and find it better cause it dries better. But other complications soon developed. First was a pouch of fluid that the another ER felt needed another drain. My surgeon said nah. It developed into a pelvic abscess that wasn't reachable thru skin and had walled itself off. Still got it,the size of a baseball and will require surgery. Second, I've been thru 3 barium enemas and let me tell you Google does not do them justice. It doesn't tell you that a balloon is inflated and that's mild pain and a shocker the first time. But it says a bit of discomfort from the fluid they use. It cramps me very very bad. Last one I had the guy stop. It was too much. I couldn't handle it. Now I'm not a wimp when it comes to pain, I have been shot and didn't go to hospital, never took any pain meds at all. After each enema they need to perform a CT scan with the enema still in and every time, they aren't ready for me and have to stick me in the hall way cramping and embarrassed due to enema still sticking out. The last time (5/8/23) was to see if I was tight for my reversal to be set and to clean out that infection. That day I went to ER due to severe pain at my resectioned colon area (lower left abdominal area) and surgeon said he wasn't impressed with results and I was discharged still with severe pain. I was in pain before this enema, but afterwards was something serious. Pain has subsided some since, it's just a throbbing pain now, it was like a sharpe stabbing pain leading in the weeks leading up to last test and was very bad after test, which prompted the ER visit cause I couldn't deal. He was on vacation. When he got back (5/15/23) he said he had been thinking about me the entire time about what to do with me cause he didn't understand what was going on, he had never seen anything like it, and he thought maybe I was had a leak, didn't feel comfortable performing the surgery and wanted me to get a second opinion from a colorectal specialist, which his website says he is... He informed me that I had a fistula from my resectioned colon to my rectum. I've pulled my CT scan and seen that but it also says that there are no leaks. Anyway, happy to get away from this guy, felt that he would kill me again or at the very least pain the crap outta me. Now, another complication is the mucus. It surprised me the first time I had to go and surprised me something came out. Google told me this was normal, just mucus that the large intestine produces. So I had to expel that about once a week. It always appeared clear. One day about a month and a half into this thing it turned bloody. I figured the fistula caused this and figure the enema aggravated it. Contacted surgeon and he was unconcerned. And I continued to produce blood until after the enema. About a week ago it stopped and started coming out brown like real poop. It never hurt, just the bloody part confused me. Anyway, today I've got an appointment with another colorectal specialist the end of this month. I'm hoping for some pain management and some answers. Hope has kept me going.
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