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I am a highly decorated Marine Corps combat veteran who fought in the Vietnam war along side some of the bravest Marines a man could ever come to know. I was there back in 67&68 I also fought in the battle of TET at HUE. While we were there we had no idea
that we were being contaminated by the chemical known as Agent Orange that contained the deadly chemical Dioxin that was used as a defoliant to strip the leaves and jungle. So As the NVA & VC would have no place to hide from us when we were out on search and destroy operations. Little did we know at the time that 25 to 30 years latter this scourge of this insidious chemical would make us all ill with all manner of aliments that ravaged our bodies. I started to get sick in 1985. I started to pass blood. I did not know at that time I had Cronhs disease. The contact with AO exacerbated my disease. I stopped working as a carpenter in 1990 I went on disability and started to fight for my SS benefits. In 91 I ran out of state disability payments. So I had to start selling my antique toys & trains to survive. At that time I found out from a Vietnam vet that I knew. Because I was a combat veteran. I was able to apply for VA
health care. I went through a long process, But I finally won my claims. I am rated at 100% disabled. I get a good pension now. I own my home, I get care from the VA. So I am OK.
When I was A young man back in 69 when I got out of the
Marines. The whole world of freedom opened for me. I was a good surfer, guitar player, and I was a hot shot skateboarding champion in the mid 70`s Won a lot of major
contests at that time in my life. Had all that goes with that fifteen "minutes" of fame. Lots of foxy ladies. I was like a kid in the candy store. No drugs, not doing the sports That I did. I also used to scuba dive. And I took up
under water photography. Went to lots of different dive locations. Took lots of pictures. A few turned out to be very good and I entered them in a photo dive contest and won a first place contest. I sold quite a few, that helped
me to by better camera gear. I also had some long term relationships with some wonder full women in my life be for I started getting sick. That is when my love life took a dive. I have tried online dating and that has not produced
any positive results either. So that is why I am joining this Web site. I hope that I can make a connection with a
nice woman on this site...
Thanks for reading this...

I am looking for an attractive, out going, friendly, humorous, slender or toned shaped, compassionate, loving,
wanting a serious relationship. Knowing that it takes work. But with our having are Ostomy problems in the for front. We can learn to deal with our unique issues in any situation that comes are way. Look at it like this way we do not have to
ask to be excused from the dinner table. Just think about all
the potty humor we can share together in are lives. No I know we all are hurting from this insidious thing. But we just have to be able to accept this fate that has been put upon us an move on for word. I just want to have a woman in my life. That I can talk to, laugh with, have fun together. Banter with my four parrots. That are ZANY as the Marx Brothers. I miss the soft touch and warmth, cuddling and intimacy that two people can share together. That no matter ware we are at. We can enjoy each others company. At home or out to dinner with a good SY-FY, Action, Drama, Romantic Chick Flick or go see a comedienne, small nightclub venue that has blues, rock or jazz, museums, antique shops. The most important thing is maybe we can bring a joy full experience two one another. That`s worth more than any thing else in the World.
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