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I am 22 years old, i live with my soon to be husband i had surgery on the 30/06/2010 to remove the entire Large bowel i only have a small part of the rectum left in, and thats to be decided if i have it removed. I was told 1 weeks after my birthday that i had Bowel cancer, i thought my world was just crashing down on me, i had been sick since i was 15, didnt get to finish school and now im being told i have cancer and my only chance of survival is to have the large bowel removed. I didnt know what to think, i went and told my parents and my sisters what is going on, and from there i met with the Surgeon and had a date for my surgery i cried my eyes out as it was acturally happening this is real. I then met with the stoma nurse and i saw for the first time what it is going to look like, i hurt it felt like someone had just took away the one thing that made me who i am. I didnt know if i could have children i had so many questions but i couldnt ask as i was hurting to much. As my surgery started to get closer i got sicker and sicker, my fiance ended up taking me to hospital as i was in pain and i was bleeding from the arse. I was admitted to hospital ASAP and i had the surgery within a day. I am now coping with this alot better than i expected at first i didnt want to know about it, but then thought my life doesnt depend on being around a toilet anymore, i can enjoy being young again. My next desition is to either have an internal pouch created or just have the rectum removed? I was told from when i was 15 that i had Crohns disease, the surgeon wanted to be sure, and sent the Large bowel off for testing and it's come back as UC, therefore i can be reattached but do i want it? It means i cannot have kids naturally, what are the other side effects??? If anyone knows please talk with me, i am wanting others to talk with about this.

I am wanting to know who else out there has gone through the same things as me. I will always look upto people who suffer from Crohns disease or UC! its one hell of a thing to go through.
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