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I like watching movies, drawing,singing, dancing. I am recently workimg at mount sinai hospital assisting surgeons with lasik eye surgery and i love it. I Have had an ileostomy for almost 7 yrs now and I'm now a pro. I'm here to learn more about the new family i have become a part of and the new person i will be until I cease to exist. It'll be a long time though because I believe I've added years to my life by having my ostomy...

I am looking for friends and advice. I am looking for inventive ways to increase my active lifestyle. i continue to travel the world. This permanant life style was a choice that i made it consciously at my age because the pain i was facing was too much and now people must accept me, for me, and if not, i know their hearts. I have no time to dislike myself, I use my time to love myself and that's important when you have an ostomy.