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Widower with son,daughter and 2 grandsons. I take an interest in reading,politics current affairs,my football team,play golf and surf.I also have a soft spot for backing slow racehorses at times.In my spare time I am also a second string bullfighter in Spain but sadly spend most of my time on the bench.My time will come and I will most likely be gored.

I get cranky,happy,sad,caring,sharing,selfish etc like most people.I have a wonderful network of family and friends who have been of wonderful assistance to me in times of need.I often wonder why they never answer their phones but...

I enjoy time with friends and family and dislike racists,sexists, bigots, homophobes and hangovers.I also imbibe with friends on the odd occasion at my local watering hole.
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f, 46
I have an ileostomy and a formed J-pouch that is not yet connected...
Ontario, Canada
f, 45
Looking for friends and maybe more!!
Ontario, Canada
f, 56
Hello fellow Ostimates, I was diagnosed with Crohns about 6 year...
Kansas, United States
f, 65
Looking for Support
Michigan, United States
f, 50
Looking for friendship. I have a colostomy. I’m just simply me.
North Carolina, United States