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I was very happy when all this section said was "there's nothing to tell", but I've now got friends here who have given me a hard time about that. I've had Crohn's Disease since the mid 1970s, a couple of resections, and in 2009, was minding my own business, when I woke up a bag lady. Got married late in life, proving that good things are worth the wait. As the ostomy, better known as Walter the Wenis, didn't fit into my picture of the perfect life, I just pretended it wasn't there. Mike, my one in a billion husband, took care of both Walter and me, until I decided that good old Walt wasn't going anywhere, so we became friends, or at least civil to each other. My dog is house trained; Walter is not, so he lives in a bag. Despite knowing that I'd die young, while, like his parents, Mike would be around a long time, G-d laughed at me and Mike didn't stick to the plan. Ten months after Walter appeared, Mike died unexpectedly less than a couple of hours after his 61st birthday. Friends I've had for years remind me I'm lucky to have had, even for just ten years, what other people have looked for their whole lives but not found. Get me started on people who leave their partners because they have become bag people and you can't turn me off. How did the bag come to be more important than a loved one's life?

I've been told I'm smart and funny; the one person I have a hard time getting along with is myself. Andy, I've added new pictures; Deb, I wrote something in my profile. We're all happy now, right?

I had no expectations when I first came to the site,just looking for information but found way more than that. Have met terrific people, quite a few who I consider to be friends, from all over the world. No surprise to find that bag people deal with the same stuff, no matter where in the world we find Carmen and Waldo. (Does anyone get that besides me?) Most important, on this site I've found people who understand. No matter how people in the "bagless" world feel about me, they can't know what it's like. I wish I didn't know what it's like, but sadly, too late for that.
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