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Brown eyed girl

I am a 49 year old mother of two boys. I was diagnosed with the devastating inherited disease familial adenomatous polyposis at age 37 and developed stage 3 colon cancer as a result. My marriage of eighteen years fell apart over a year ago. Illness was too much for him to handle and caused a huge strain. Am very introverted and enjoy playing flute and handbells in my church as well as singing when have the chance. I am also an voracious reader and an amateur writer. I have a degree in music education and currently teach pre school music just one day a week as still have many health issues that require attention. My two boys have a 50% chance of inheriting my disease and we are in the process of testing them now.

12 year colon cancer survivor and FAP patient. I am on my second ileostomy and had a functional j pouch for four years. Hoping to reverse once again soon. Wondering if there are others in similar circumstances. Have found the dating world just isn't the place for me to be with a pouch. Some people can be so cruel.......
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Hi Everyone. Live each day to the fullest in peace. Help and love one another. Give a stra...
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Looking to meet new people who can relate to having an ileostomy. I've had my ileostomy...
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someone honest funny careing
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I'm a long term care LPN and love my job. Rectal cancer brought me into the world of a p...
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