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Looking for friend to talk to that understands my health situation.(Ile.).I do like to travel, see movies mostly romantic comedy. I love water aerobics, going out to eat and of course shopping. I have two grown children and six grandchildren. I have just retired after 33 years working in the appliance parts business.
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f, 59
I have an ileostomy.Just want to chat to same sometimes
United Kingdom
m, 52
Hi there. I had an iliostomy about 5 months ago. I now have a bag ...
Massachusetts, United States
f, 59
Hi Im Nat I have an ileostomy,which I have only had 10 months.I am...
United Kingdom
f, 59
I am a newbie after my ileostony op 3 weeks ago it would be nice t...
United Kingdom
m, 58
I have an ileostomy. Just trying to expand my horizons. I enjoy ga...
Kansas, United States