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hi l am mike, like to talk to people, hope l look younger than l am 62 yrs. always have a smile if you can, like to be positive, do like push bikes riding a bit of walking going to the movies out for meals, going swimming ,listen to music pop or most things, do like travelling, not on own if possible, driving cars and motor bikes, d.i.y. abit in my garden, happy to try most things.

would like to meet female who is a good talker and listener aswell , a nice personality ,about the same height as me or smaller, does not matter to much. l have an urostomy which l have had all my life and it does not stop me from doing not like smoking, will have a drink of beer or wine with meals.
do not mind where anybody lives , will gladly email anywhere.
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Ileostomy. Just advise about diet and things that I might encounter.
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