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Hi! Ive had Eric my Stoma for nearly a year but have had Crohns disease for 20 odd years! It has never kept me back from enjoying life but after a very bad flare up they had to remove 27ft of intestines! I love having a stoma (strange I know but it saved my life!) but only talk to other ostomates on line and would love to meet up with someone similar to me for social interaction! Im an adventure diver and have travelled the world, even with CD. Im hoping to get back to that place soon but in the meantime I'm stuck indoors with only my dog for company! Without work I have little money and therefore cannot go driving around and most of my friends work full time! I have no kids and would love to meet someone else who hasn't but will not mind if they do! x

I need positive people who would like to meet up for tea/coffee/drink! The only support I have outside my family are on line and I would love to actually meet someone in my area! Im not religious but am open to others views! Im a bit of a party animal and love socialising! Due to my Stoma I haven't been at work for a few years and miss adult stimulation during the day! I hope to be back at work soon but will only return part time!
UPDATE March 2018.
Wow, well those past few years didn't go to plan. Dehydration and hyperhidrosis has severely impaired any chance of resuming anything that may make me hot! And body decided that it wasn't going to make my life easy, I now have another 2 auto immune issues, various little health issues that when combined are very restrictive and a new diagnosis after 11 years of being shoved around hospitals as chronic pains worsened, severely limiting my mobility, social life and reducing my ability to do the things I've used all my life as coping mechanisms. The dx was Degenerative Disc disease, probably caused by all the years of meds (before they were regulated and monitored! 12 yrs of constant pred at at least 15mg would not be allowed now!), malnutrition, yo-yo-ing weight and a very limited diet (along with my nursing years) Ironically the treatment is for an epidural steroid block (steroids to help the steroid aftermath mmm)!
I used to dream of being in IBD remission but now I would give anything to have 'just' my crohns back! I knew how face and fight my crohns... We were respectful sparring partners! Now my body is randomly throwing issues at me yet never giving me time to learn how to deal before throwing me another curve ball!
Life is hell, but I'm not scared of fire and brimstone and The Devil has met his match!
I'm thankful to be alive, I'm grateful for my family and friends and I find at least one thing every day to laugh about even if its only my accident prone self!
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