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My name is Edwin Clamp. You can find out some things about me on LinkedIn, so hit me up, or drop me a line at at Edwin at EdwinClamp dot com.

I'm a very creative person. One of my creative outlets is gastronomy. I do everything from baking bread and pastries, cooking many different cuisines, fermenting stuff, butchering, curing meat like prosciutto etc., making things like wine, cider and beer, making cheese,...on and on. A special thing I do is make chocolate from scratch...from the bean.

I really enjoy gardening, both vegetable and ornamental. In general I like building things, which usually means home projects. Right now I'm building a pizza oven.

I have many hobbies, but especially enjoy riding bikes (local rides, rail trails, bike touring), painting, and pottery at the moment. I'm trying to get into sailing, and have a little sailboat, but it is hard to go because I live in the mountains and there aren't many lakes around.

I have many former hobbies that I would not mind reviving if I had the right person to go with. Rock climbing, white water kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving, etc. I used to be an avid caver (horizontal and vertical), but I think those days are over for the more extreme stuff.

I have time for hobbies because I don't really watch much tv or movies. If I do, I tend to enjoy sci fi movies.

I'm interested in traveling to other countries. I think last time I had counted I had visited about 30 countries, which means that there are about 220 more to visit. I would be completely down for having a travel partner since it is always better when shared with someone. If you have an idea of a trip let's talk. When I travel I tend to enjoy the food scene, culture, nature, and history, and the vibe of the place.I'm not a huge fan of big cities. To be honest I love Europe, but would be very interested in Asia. South America has always been lovely, but since I only speak English it has been a bit harder for me to navigate.

I work now as a financial analyst, but have done many things over my life from entrepreneur, to professor, to engineer to food scientist.

I used to be quite religious (protestant), but have moved away from that. I have beliefs, but they are my own and don't fit into a already defined bucket. Many would call me a philosopher and I am writing a book on what I see is a new philosophy of life (worldview) that is emerging in society. It is a long term project that I collaborate on with people all around the world.

I've had a colostomy since 2005 but haven't really met anyone with a colostomy. I had colorectal cancer at a very young age. I wouldn't mind developing some relationships or just meeting with people who share this with me. I live 2 hours from DC, so that's an easy meetup place if you are there on business or travel. Frankly it would just be great to hang out with others like me without the anxiety that usually accompanies being with those who don't know or understand having an ostomy.

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