I have lived in Hampshire, Wiltshire area most of my life, although I did have 6 very happy years down in Devon. Loved it but had to come back for my health (parents were worried about me)! I have mostly worked with children, from running a playgroup, working for NSPCC at drop in centre and foster parent. However I have done some very diverse jobs as well when needed to keep the wolf from the door, anything from working in a garage, opticians, restaurant etc. etc.

Had colostomy in Feb 2011, problems after and now large hernia, the size of a melon! Also have serious heart disease so am severely restricted in what I can do, but still have my sense of humour. Spend a lot of time on the computer for want of something to do, love talking and miss the social inter-action of work. Would love to talk to anybody on here or on phone, but don't drive (epileptic, just how lucky am I !!!) However, have a very good family who act as chauffeurs. I also have 4 grandchildren of 4,5,14 and 16. I was obviously a child bride. I wish!

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